21. May 2019

Emacs-Shroud Interface

Shroud is a password manager written in Guile which uses GnuPG in the backend. See Shroud’s website at this link. This package is an Emacs interface to Shroud using the Buffers User Interface library.

Shroud stores secrets as a plain text encrypted using GnuPG. Particularly, in Lisp’s S-expressions, some form of associaton lists. This provides the dual benefit that, the file is trivial to parse by machine, yet at the same time is perfectly usable as just a text file (after decryption ofcourse!).

You can view, copy and edit secrets from Emacs.

The result http://piviq.ga:9001/images/shroud.png


17. May 2019

Hack Nomad

Nomad is hackable in Scheme. But you can also hack Nomad in Cpp/QML. In general, the aim of Nomad is to present you the user with enough programming capabilities that you don’t have to resort to this step, but you may still wish to change some internal plumbing in Nomad or expose new functionality to Scheme, and we encourage you in this endeavour.


15. May 2019

Nomad Web Browser

Today, we are looking at nomad web browser. It’s an extensible web browser. It uses a configuration file very much like .emacs. Nomad is Free Software.