Why make a blog?

Written by Amar Singh

There are many reasons for making a website/blog, some of which I quite like are:

  1. You are not leasing your online identity from services such as Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on.
  2. Learn about how websites are built and operate, atleast superficially.
  3. Freedom to share anything with anybody, anytime you wish to do so.

But these are not all.


Here’s my takeaway from the experience.

Once you’ve gone through the initial task of setting up an HTTP server, that’s it, you’re pretty much done. Then you can share pretty much any content you’d ever want to with just that and a web browser on the receiver side. You still need good internet connectivity, or a messaging service to share the link to the content such as Email, IRC or whatever.

Drew DeVault from SourceHut is offering $20 for anyone interested in starting a blog.