Nomad: Shroud password manager integration

Written by Amar Singh

Adding shroud password manager module (nomad shroud) to Nomad browser.


Here is how you would use this module:

(use-modules (nomad shroud))
(set! shroud-database-file (~/ ".config/shroud/db.gpg"))
(set! shroud-config-file (~/ ".shroud"))

In Nomad M-x shroud-find-password str RET will add the password to clipboard.

We define an interactive command using define-command macro.

(define-command (shroud-find-password entry)
  "Show password/secrets entry"
  (clipboard-copy (shroud-show-entry (car (shroud-find-entries entry)) "password")))

But wait there is no function like clipboard-copy in Nomad, so we have to define one.

` {.c org-language=”C”} SCM_DEFINE_PUBLIC (scm_nomad_clipboard_copy, “clipboard-copy”, 1, 0, 0, (SCM x), “Copy X to clipboard.”) { GtkClipboard *clip = gtk_clipboard_get_default (gdk_display_get_default ()); char *c_text = scm_to_locale_string (x); int len = scm_to_int (scm_string_length (x));

scm_dynwind_begin (0); gtk_clipboard_set_text (clip, c_text, len); scm_dynwind_free (c_text); scm_dynwind_end (); return SCM_BOOL_T; } “`

And that’s it, you can check out the sources at Github.