Adding Bookmarks to Nomad

Written by Amar Singh

Adding a simple bookmarks module (nomad bookmark) to Nomad browser.


Here is how you would use this module:

(use-modules (nomad bookmark))
(set! bookmark-file (~/ ".nomad.d/bookmarks.scm"))

In Nomad:

  • M-x open-bookmark RET open the bookmark in a new buffer.
  • M-x save-bookmark id RET will save the current page as a bookmark.

A lot of the functioning of bookmarks is similar to how shroud works. For example just like shroud a bookmark is a Scheme record-type with two fields id and contents accessible by (bookmark-id <bookmark>) and (bookmark-id <bookmark>) respectively. The idea is perhaps we can have tags like functionality without requiring too much addititional work.

Procedures are provided for conversion between alist and <bookmark> records.

Patch is at Github.