06. November 2019

Custom REPL in Guile Scheme

Somewhere in the grey area between writing your own programming language and programming in a given environment.


04. November 2019

Why make a blog?

There are many reasons for making a website/blog, some of which I quite like are:

  1. You are not leasing your online identity from services such as Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on.
  2. Learn about how websites are built and operate, atleast superficially.
  3. Freedom to share anything with anybody, anytime you wish to do so.

But these are not all.


28. October 2019

Graph Processor

This post is about choices presented to us when writing a program, how this affects the programmer’s ability to change the program.


27. October 2019


‘How do you write a program that can run without any compilers, package managers, libraries or any user interface?’ in short but simple text.